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KURVACIOUS Level-Up Collagen is a healthy instant beverage formulated with 100% natural ingredients such as carica papaya enzyme, marine collagen peptide (3000mg per serving) and blackberry extract that revives damaged tissue while protecting the healthy tissue.

Other than the general benefits of collagen such as 

  • Anti-Aging 
  • Complexion Improvement 
  • Skin Whitening

It is specifically targeted to 

  • Boost the breast shape 
  • Uplift the bust line 
  • Restore youthfulness

KURVACIOUS Level-Up Collagen is produced through double nutri technology, a process in which the formula gets encapsulated and turned to be small molecules with the help of highpressure technology. It leads to better absorption and therefore better results. You will certainly be amazed with the satisfactory difference in just 2 weeks! Level up your cup size in a natural way!


Consumption method is flexible depending on your need and goal! 

For Extra Boost : 2 sachets in the morning and 2 sachets before bedtime 

For Regular Boost : 1 sachet in the morning and 1 sachet before bedtime 

For Maintenance : 1 sachet daily on empty stomach

Storage Tips

Store in cool and dry places, avoid direct sunlight. 

No refrigeration required.

Consume as soon as it’s opened.



Papaya is rich in papain and vitamin C. KURVACIOUS Level-Up Collagen uses exclusive fermentation technology to increase total saponins contents and it has the effect of enhancing collagen proliferation. 

Carica papaya ferment is the active ingredient that  

  • promotes breast enlargement  
  • enhances skin radiance  
  • helps anti-aging effect  
  • improves menstrual discomfort 

Good quality bred under double planting conditions

  • Taken from the South Taiwanese Tai Nong No. 2 green papaya which is growing in full sunlight where the planting is strictly controlled. 
  • Through “greenhouse/screen-house culture” to prevent pests and diseases. 
  • Use “cultivation of inverted plants” to stumble the saplings when they are young for better harvest.


KURVACIOUS Level-Up Collagen adopts the small-molecule collagen peptide (fish) produced by special hydrolysis technology in France. It has high bioavailability. 

In clinical experiments, collagen peptide has showed significant effects in  

  • Skin smoothness  
  • Skin hydration  
  • Skin elasticity 

Quality Guarantee  

  • 100% natural  
  • High protein content:over 93%  
  • Non-GMO  
  • Pollution Free  
  • BSE-TSE Free  
  • ISO 9001 / ISO 22000  
  • HazardAnalysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)  


KURVACIOUS Level-Up Collagen uses blackberry extract that the raw materials are from the high mountains of Chile, South America with high ultraviolet energy all year round. 

More than 10 natural protective ingredients from the blackberry extract in KURVACIOUS Level-Up Collagen have high antioxidant activity and they absorb UV rays and resist damage caused by UV stimulation.

Therefore, it helps 

  • lighten skin UV spots  
  • soothe redness of skin  
  • enhance skin brightness


Red pomegranate is known as “the ruby of fruits”, rich in vitamins and minerals. It has anti-oxidation and anti-glycation effects.

Below are the benefits of this key ingredient:

  • Resist cell inflammation  
  • Reduce skin damage caused by UVA  
  • Resist melanin and red pigment  
  • Reduce wrinkles and spots  
  • Reduce pores  
  • Increase collagen content  
  • Increase skin moisture  
  • Achieve skin whitening and firming


Barley powder in KURVACIOUS Level-Up Collagen is made of Job’s Tears that is mainly for skin whitening and anti-oxidation. 

Job’s Tears is  

  • high in Vitamin B3 (also known as Niacin) that helps brighten skin and even out the complexion. 
  • rich in peptides that helps firm the skin and prevent signs of aging.


First of all, we need to understand that the loss of collagen is a natural phenomenon! Aging and external factors such as sunlight or environmental toxins can cause “loss.” So, when we consume products, we are “filling up” collagen. When it loses 📉, we fill it up 📈.

We cannot “prevent” or “stop” the loss of collagen. It occurs naturally, and unfortunately, it tends to accelerate as we age, which is unavoidable. So, stopping the intake of collagen supplements simply means stopping the “filling up” process. However, the natural phenomenon of collagen loss will still continue to occur.

Collagen supplements do not create dependency since they are not medications. The rebound effect is not derived from stop consuming the product. Instead, it’s due to the natural process of collagen loss continues to happen in our bodies. So, in order to maintain collagen levels, we need to “compete” with the rate of loss 😅 and catch up with it. Continuous supplementation is necessary to suppress the speed of losing.

Of course “loss” doesn’t happen instantly. Assuming that you stop taking the product; it can still remain in your body for about 3 to 6 months through its supplementation. It’s similar to a situation where a phone slowly loses its power when it’s not being charged, but not immediately dropping from 100% to 0%.

If you reach a level of satisfaction with the results, you can switch to taking one sachet per day, which should be sufficient. This maintenance method is chosen based on individual needs. It doesn’t necessarily have to be consumed for a long time; what’s most important is that you feel comfortable with it. It’s similar to using face cleanser – not everyone uses it for a long term, some people find that simply washing their face with water is sufficient. So, as mentioned before, there are many ways to maintain yourself, and the most important thing is to do what feels comfortable for you!


Our product focuses on promoting collagen to enhance firmness, restore elasticity, and thicken the muscle fascia tissues in the chest area. It does not aim to increase fat, so there won’t be any issues with weight gain. It’s true that some products in the market promote fat accumulation, but when the body absorbs them, it may not necessarily target the breasts, but other parts of the body instead that leads to weight gain. Both fat and muscle are important for the structure of the breasts. Therefore, while aiming for breast enhancement, it is not recommended to restrict diet or use products for fat reduction. This can result in insufficient fat, causing the supporting fascia tissues in the chest to become loose, resulting in a smaller breast size. It’s important to have a healthy amount of fat for the supportive fascia and pectoral muscles to regain firmness and make the shape more toned and lifted.

It’s important to have a correct understanding of “breast enhancement.” It means achieving the cup size and shape that is natural for your own body. Everyone’s genetic makeup and physique are different, so if we are talking about achieving results like “plastic surgery”, that would indeed be unrealistic. Our approach promotes a healthy and natural way to enhance cup size.

The body takes time to adapt to a product, and typically, it takes around 14 days for you to first feel the changes in centimeters. The progress continues, and generally, the optimal results can be expected after approximately 3 months. Afterward, it’s about maintaining the achieved results with sufficient upkeep.

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