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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the recommended time to consume KURVACIOUS Level-Up Collagen in a day?

Either in the morning on empty stomach or before bedtime.

Are there any symptoms after consuming KURVACIOUS Level-Up Collagen?

Yes. Your breast feels firmer and your skin becomes smoother.

How long does it take for me to see the results?

Within 2 weeks when you consume everyday as directed. You are recommended to record the measurement before you start consuming KURVACIOUS Level-Up Collagen and monitor the results once in every 2 weeks.

Is there any age limit for consuming KURVACIOUS Level-Up Collagen?

Yes, any person below age 18 is not recommended to consume KURVACIOUS Level-Up Collagen.

Is it safe to consume KURVACIOUS Level-Up Collagen with other medicinal or herbal intake?

You are advised to consult with a health care professional before consuming.

What are the consequences if I consume more than the recommended serving(s) per day?

The excessive consumption will be secreted through urine.

Will I gain weight after consuming KURVACIOUS Level-Up Collagen?

KURVACIOUS Level-Up Collagen contains very low calorie, therefore it does not cause you gain weight.

Do I need to continue consuming regularly if my expectations are met?

Yes, you are recommended to take 1 serving per day to maintain the result.

Does the consumption of KURVACIOUS Level-Up Collagen cause dependence?

No, KURVACIOUS Level-Up Collagen is a supplement but not a drug.

Do I have to refrigerate KURVACIOUS Level-Up Collagen ?

It is optional. It tastes better if KURVACIOUS Level-Up Collagen is chilled before you consume it.